Grant Wilde - Producer/Designer

I don't recall much before the age of 5, a few sandpits here and there, but one thing I do have a vivid recollection of is a trip a took with my parents to an electrical store... this story does get marginally more interesting, promise! While they were off looking at fridges I joined a long queue, I don't remember knowing what it was for when I joined, but I do remember getting to the front. It was my first time playing a proper game, Donkey Kong Country; and it was magical. I was instantly sucked in, the graphics, the music, the challenge... it was just a lot of fun. My parents eventually came back and had to drag me away, but they were awesome enough to buy me a Super Nintendo that Christmas and well, the rest is history! Sure they limited my play-time to a couple of hours over the weekend, but it didn't quell my obsession. The magical worlds these cartridges held rooted themselves firmly into my soul and became a part of me... cheesy I know, but most definitely true! I've always known I wanted to be a games designer, to pass what I can of that feeling onto other people.

Christina LY - Artist

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Worked on: The KamiCritters Series

Lee Eastaff - Programmer

I have always been into games and even started building them from a young age, with only paper and pens as my tools. I started coding when I was 16, building simple games using any development program I could find on the web. Whilst learning to become a developer, I took on a wide variety of jobs, from working on apps to building websites. Before joining Crimson Night, I used Unity3D to both build my own games as well as freelancing on other projects.

Worked on: The KamiCritters Series

Sean Pack - Composer

Born and raised in the mountains of Colorado, I always had a connection to the awe and wonder of the great outdoors. Music was the only other thing that could give me the same feeling, especially music in film and in games. Now, I compose music for a wide range of mediums including film, TV, games, dance, theater, and concert. My drive to combine technology and music, my deep involvement in theater, and my training in various instruments including voice, piano, guitar, flute, saxophone, and percussion gives me the dramatic insight and musical know-how to compose for a wide range of instrumentation, musical styles, and emotions. I feel very privileged to be in this career and am passionate about creating unique music and sounds to accompany visual media.

Worked on: The KamiCritters Series + Entschuldigung


Alejandro Diaz - Programmer

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Worked on: The KamiCritters Series

Tom McCracken - Programmer

I spent far too much time playing games as a kid and never really thought about them much until and one day I wondered: "how was this game made?". From there I started self studying game design and development. I taught myself how to create basic models in Blender, learnt that a lot of games are created with smoke and mirrors, and began programming some basic game logic.

Writing code became something that I thoroughly enjoyed, for me it's a rush when I think of a way to implement some feature or system into a game and work through the design to create the final product. I wanted to learn more, and began reading books, watching videos, taking online classes and signing up to my local college for computing. I was and still am totally hooked and want to know as much as possible about software development, game development, web development and computer architecture. I go by the motto "Never stop learning.", It's an amazing feeling when something finally clicks and you understand how something is working and why it was designed that way.

Worked on: The KamiCritters Series

Twitter: @tommac27



Friends of Crimson Night:

Nhuy Nguyen - Artist

Born 12th November 1990, Nhuy is Vietnamese but now resides in the USA. Drawing has always been her passion; she started around the age of 4 after seeing Sailor Moon on TV. As well as drawing she loves Lolita fashion, playing Pangya, and hanging out with her friends and family.

Worked on: Always The Same Blue Sky... + Iridescence

Alias: Ayasal

Iafrul Zulkifli - Artist

This mysterious man prefers to let his work be his voice, and you know what, I think it says more than enough. lordless is a great talent and I look forward to our continued relationship.

Worked on: Always The Same Blue Sky... + Entschuldigung + Iridescence

Alias: lordless

Jon Hayward - Composer

I’ve known Grant since we were children and as our friendship grew so did my interest in video games. Music has always been a part of my life growing up in a family where music was everywhere. My mother was a music teacher and my father played guitar in a band. I passed my grade 8 with distinction at age 12 and won music scholarships to multiple schools, which gave me some fantastic opportunities. After school I took some time off to travel and decide what I wanted to do with my life. Grant and I flew to Japan and it was one of the best experiences of my life. The trip also had a large impact on my decision to continue music into university specifically in writing music for visual media. Once I left university I had opportunities to write music for small productions and eventually started getting freelance work as a sound designer for one of the UK’s biggest production companies for AAA titles. When Grant told me about his idea for a visual novel I was instantly hooked and felt very flattered that he would ask me to write the music. I have enjoyed every part I’ve played in the development of these games and hope you will enjoy the finished products!

Worked on: Always The Same Blue Sky...

Sumoh Mohan - Background Artist