Melody of the Sea

“Morning Mel!” I heard a clink as a bag landed on the desk beside mine.

“Oh hey Sara,” I replied without moving my gaze from the waves.

“Nice to see you’ve woken up for my arrival.” She annotated her observation with a playful punch on my upper-arm.

“Oi you, you know I’m much happier half-asleep.” I turned to face her so that she could see I was grinning. “Stop making life difficult for me!”

“Come on, you know it’s the only reason you come in!”

“Very true. How was the boat today? It’s pretty windy, I was worried that it might be choppy – I wanted to message you but I left my comi at home.”

“Again? I swear, for someone so talented you’re a total air-head!” Sara paused for a second and looked out to sea. “It wasn’t too bad, I’ve learnt to handle it… Besides, being greeted by your bubbling personality makes it more than worth it.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, I was lucky to have a friend like Sara. I’ve come to realise that I’m not socially-inclined, I never feel incomplete when I’m not with people. As a result, more often than not, it’s my friends making the effort, but I hope they know it’s always very much appreciated.

“Doing much after clarinet practice tonight?” She asked as our teacher walked in the room.

“Nope!” I replied making sure I had the relevant notes in front of me. The room was rapidly getting quieter.

“Perfect, there’s something we need to go and check out.” Sara continued in a lowered tone, “I’ll wait for you by the gate after the volleyball match.”

I nodded as the room was quiet by this point.

Sara is similar to me in that she thinks outside the box, finds mystery in the mundane. More often than not our adventures are fruitless, but they’re never boring!


I loud clap of thunder made me jump and miss a note.

“That’ll do for today Melody, you’d better get home before the storm sets in.” Mr Kalis was smiling warmly. “Don’t worry, I’m confident you’ve mastered this one, I’ll try and find something trickier for our next lesson.”

The sky had become pretty overcast and my umbrella wasn’t where I thought it was; I couldn’t be bothered to look for it though as I’d never minded the rain. Sara’s matches often overran but I was happy to wait. I stood watching the remaining patches of cerulean gradually dissolving into grey, accompanied by the unnerving song of the sea in the distance.  The song seemed to have become more frantic than this morning, I hadn’t heard it like this in a long time… I wish I knew what it was trying to tell me.

“Thanks for waiting, I tried to wrap things up quickly but our opponents gave us a run for our money; smashed ‘em of course though.” Sara said punching her hand and smirking. “Right, we need to get a move on, it might not be do-able if it rains.”

“What might not be do-able?”

“I’ll explain on the way, let’s get moving.” Sara patted my satchel and started to walk briskly. I watched curiously as she opened up a hand-drawn map on her comi. “Just scribbled this down on my walk in this morning to make sure I wouldn’t miss the spot, may be hard to find if the tide sets in. It’s on the coast and I know the rough area, but we’ll use this when we’re down there… Sorry I’ll explain. Did you notice the sea this morning?”

I shook my head. Sara continued.

“I was half asleep but noticed the tide was way farther out than I’d ever seen it before, probably a result of that big whirlpool that’s been all over the news, but it was strange, more of the coast was revealed, and well… I’m sure I saw something, the top of a tunnel going into the cliff-face.”

I took a moment to ponder this news. “I know since the oceans have risen they’re less common, but caves aren’t unheard of on the coastline?”

“I know… but something about it caught my eye… I’m not sure… it’s hard to put into words.”

The sky burst with light as I spoke. “…The entrance to a forgotten underground city perhaps?” I was almost interrupted by a deafening thunder-clap.

“That’s my guess!” Sara replied with less sarcasm than intended.

We continued in silence as I tried further to understand the sea’s message. I noticed Sara looking at me after a while, she must have been studying the puzzled look I unknowingly wore. I removed it and looked at her inquisitively.

“…I know what you’re doing ya know.”

I looked away not wanted her to see my face flush. “Sorry, it’s loud, I didn’t mean to…” I looked back at Sara, distracted. “That was definitely a rain drop.”

“That’s not good, we’ll be quick, I promise.”

“I don’t mind, it’s not too cold.”

The sky darkened further with the wind picking up as we approached the coast.

“We’re almost there.” Sara said consulting her map. “It definitely looks different to this morning, the tide can’t be as far out.” There was an air of disappointment in her voice.

“We could still find clues though!”

Sara smiled unconvincingly. “I’d say it’s 50 yards or so from the end of the beach. There are large rocks we can climb on to get closer but the water’s getting pretty choppy, might be dangerous.”

The sea’s song was loud and oppressive but I had become used to blocking it out, I focused on the task at hand as we reached the edge of the beach. Sara was studying the rocks. I ran a little towards the ocean when the waves briefly recessed to try and get a better look. “It’s hard to see anything from the shore with the way the cliff curves.”

The waves attacked the rocks ferociously. “It wouldn’t be good news if we fell in, but the rocks do look pretty easy to climb on.” Sara was right, they were coarse and flat. “You wait here, I’m going to give it a shot.”  Sara threw her bag by my feet.

I was compelled to join her, but at the same time didn’t want to do anything stupid… I knew the sea was warning me… “Wait! You’re right Sara, listen!”

Sara stood up to face me and I looked at her excitedly. She tried listening but her expression was blank. “The tone emanating from that direction, lower, deeper; there’s definitely something there.”

“I’m not sure I…” I was blinded as I fell backward. I felt my back slam against the sand but all I could see was white. I heard a colossal boom and began to comprehend what had happened. “Sara!” I screamed frantically. Deafened by the thunder I was unsure if the sound even left my mouth. I tried to stand up but it was impossible in my state of disorientation. I felt the sea wash over my shoulder as I laid there helplessly in a state of panic. I blinked continuously trying to free my vision but was interrupted by an intense ringing in my ears. I think I was sobbing when I passed out, it felt like I was.

To be continued...