Welcome to Crimson Night - An Extraordinary Indie Studio

“Every time I play a game, I get to experience the imagination of an artist, and you never know where that will take you...”

Go on then, slip your shoes off, get comfy, you know you're always welcome here! It's a pleasure seeing you, I appreciate you taking the time to explore our world!

There are a number of games that have had a profound effect on my development both personally and professionally. Crimson Night was born from a desire to build on this and manifest it through our projects. We have 2 main objectives:

  1. That our releases have a lasting impact, staying with you long after completion.
  2. That our releases bring something unique to the table; we don't just re-texture old games.


Crimson Night is the alias I have always used to publish my projects. The colour crimson is often associated with blood so I'm guessing that's the primary reason the name spawned in my 13-year-old brain, but now I've matured, so has my understanding. Crimson is the colour of nobility, power and love, plus everyone knows the night is full of mystery and magic! When it reached the time to re-evaluate the name before the company's official launch, I realised these themes more often than not manifest themselves in my work and that Crimson Night in fact, suits the company to a t.

I've included the games I published as a kid here under the 'Crimson Classics' category, they were created in and for a different era, but chronicle my growth and include some clever concepts I'd like to revisit/build upon in future releases. Official industry releases will be published with the Neo Night label to differentiate between the past and future.

The Core Crew

Crimson Night is a UK-based game studio comprising of:

Grant Wilde - Director/Producer/Lead Designer
Christina LY - Lead Artist
Lee Eastaff - Lead Programmer
Sean Pack - Music Director

To get to know us along with the other people we work with, visit the Team page :)

Latest News

Website redesign currently under-way, with an official re-launch imminent!